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Top 10 Gift List for the Holidays

Do you have a coffee lover on your gift list? This is our Top 10 list of holiday gifts for the season. Visit our Tasting Room and we will help find the perfect gift for your gift recipient.

  1. Airscape. Keep your coffee fresh in this airtight container. The container fits a pound of whole bean or ground coffee.
  2. World of Coffee Gift Set. Tour the coffee growing regions of the world one cup at a time. Includes 4-6 oz. packs of the world’s premier coffee. The set is available in whole bean and ground coffee.
  3. Costa Rica Finca las Torres coffee. One of our direct trade coffees from Costa Rica. Comes with a card detailing the coffee and micro-mill.
  4. Holiday Cheer gift set. Perfect for a hostess gift or a coworker appreciation gift. Includes 5 single pot packs of our holiday flavored coffees.
  5. Chemex. A piece of art! Great for entertaining and highlighting the brightness of a coffee. No wonder this piece is part of the Museum of Modern Art’s display in Architecture & Design.
  6. AeroPress.  Manually brews a shot of espresso. Compact for traveling or brewing in the office.
  7. Coffee equipment cleaner. Having a clean coffee brewer and grinder is one of the steps often overlooked for brewing great tasting coffee.
  8. French Press. For many, this is their first brew method after a drip coffee brewer. Brews a full-bodied cup of coffee.
  9. Toddy Coffee Maker. Brews coffee with lower acidity compared to other brew methods. Makes brewing iced coffee simple.
  10. Gift certificates. We offer gift certificates good for any amount. Let your recipient choose their gift.