Red Cedar Coffee Co. roasts a selection of Swiss Water Processed (SWP) decaf coffees for retail sales at the retail shop in Berea and online. Swiss Water Processed Decafs are 100% chemical free. The Swiss Water Process method removes caffeine from the coffee bean using water, while protecting the unique characteristics (sometimes referred to as the origin or taste) of the coffee.

Costa Rican SWP Decaf

Smooth, aromatic, crisp, balanced

Medium Roast

Colombian SWP Decaf

Bright, sweet, chocolate notes

Medium Roast

Sumatran SWP Decaf

Earthy, full-bodied, distinct

Medium Roast

Red Cedar Select SWP Decaf

Complex body, smooth finish

Medium-Dark Roast

Espresso SWP Decaf

Medium body, smooth finish

Dark Roast

Northern Lights SWP Decaf

Strong, hearty, long finish

Dark Roast

French Roast SWP Decaf

Silky, smooth, light tobacco

Dark Roast

All flavored coffees are available in decaf.