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What is Fair Trade?

Coffee is grown in over 50 countries, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This area is known as the “Bean Belt” or “Coffee Belt.” It is estimated that there approximately 25 million coffee producers worldwide. WHAT IS FAIR TRADE? Fair Trade is a movement that began in the 1970s as Max Havelaar in the […]

Cold brew vs. iced coffee: What is the difference?

Summer calls for colder coffee. Of course, you can enjoy these beverages year-round. Cold brew and iced coffees are brewed differently. So read on to see which option is best for you. COLD BREW Cold brew is brewed using cool or room temperature water which results in coffee with lower acidity and a smoother taste. […]

Explore the world with single origin coffees

Contrary to what some suggest, there is no one “coffee” taste. Rather, there are endless taste based on geography. Single origin coffees are beans that are sourced from a coffee farm, cooperative or region. These coffees differ from blends which are a combination of beans from different regions or countries. Similarly, to the wine industry, […]

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Your Brewer and Grinder

Have you ever cleaned your coffee maker? If you are like most, the answer is likely never. It is easy for overlook your coffee brewer and grinder as equipment that needs to be cleaned. By regularly cleaning your brewing equipment you help extend the life of your coffee brewer and grinder. Plus, you can continue […]

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Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder

Did you know coffee begins to start losing some of its flavor and aromatics as soon as it is ground? Grinding your coffee beans fresh is one of the best ways to brew a more flavorful cup of coffee. If you like to have the flexibility of grinding for different brewing devices or wish to […]


Step up your coffee brewing game with this one tool

At Red Cedar Coffee Co. we consider the digital scale as the secret weapon in coffee brewing. Put away the tablespoons and little scoops, and instead use a scale. Not only does a digital scale take the guesswork out when using a pour over brewer, it helps prevent issues of using too much coffee when […]

Introducing the new Red Cedar Coffee Rewards Program

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: If you go through a pound of coffee a month, the Red Cedar Coffee Reward program is for you! Earn one point for each dollar spent on a 16 OZ (one pound) bag of coffee purchased directly from Red Cedar Coffee Co. Earn 200 points and receive a reward (expiration dates apply). […]

The honey process, explained

Have you noticed coffee has changed? Coffee has changed…specifically, the way the coffee has been processed at the farm/micro-mill. Coffee has traditionally been processed one of two ways, washed process or natural process. Both provide unique flavor profiles. When clean water is abundant coffee producers may use a washed process to separate the fruit from […]

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Acidity and Coffee

In our retail store we are often asked about acidity in coffee. While there’s not a one size fits all approach to answering this question, we have outlined a few points to consider. The term “acidity” is used a few different ways in the coffee industry. Acidity can be used to describe the bright and […]