Whether you are looking for impressive gifts, delightful stocking stuffers or coffee to share, we have it all.

  1. AirScape. Keep your coffee fresh! The lid removes and locks out air to preserve and protect the freshness and flavor. Holds one-pound whole bean coffee.
  2. Signature Gift Set. Featuring three, 12oz bags of our most popular coffees: Organic Mexican, Costa Rica Finca las Torres and Red Cedar Select. Available in whole bean and ground coffee.
  3. Holiday Cheer gift set. Perfect for a hostess gift or a coworker appreciation gift. Includes 5 single pot packs of our holiday flavored coffee.
  4. Chemex Coffee Maker. A piece of art! Great for entertaining and highlighting the brightness of a coffee. No wonder this piece is part of the Museum of Modern Art’s display in Architecture & Design.
  5. Hario Drip Pot. Brews approximately 16 ounces of coffee. The Drip Pot features a reusable cloth filter.
  6. Hario Mill Skerton Hand Grinder. Coffee tastes best when it is freshly roasted and freshly ground. Grind coffee for home or on your next vacation. Grind coffee for home or on your next vacation.
  7. French Press (32oz). Brews enough coffee to share. The brü-stop plate locks in place once the plunger is pressed and separates the brewed coffee from the coffee grounds. No more worrying about over-extracted French press coffee!
  8. Red Cedar Select. We have been roasting Red Cedar Select since we opened our doors in 2005. Since then, Red Cedar Select has been one of our most popular coffees. We start by carefully roasting the individual coffees to their peak flavor. Afterwards we blend the coffees together to create this rich blend.
  9. AeroPress. One of the easiest and fastest coffee brewers. Brews espresso-like coffee and easy to clean. Prefer an Americano-style coffee? Just add hot water after you are done brewing your shot of coffee.
  10. E-cards. (New this year!) Email this to you recipient and let them choose their gift.

The gift of great-tasting coffee is always appreciated!

With the holidays approaching, keep us in mind for all your corporate gift needs. We love to create special gifts for your clients, employees, vendors, and even your conference!

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Corporate gifts from Red Cedar Coffee Co. are available for your company’s events year-round.

Have your gift recipients finalized? Fill out our Gift List spreadsheet with your gift recipient’s information and send it to us to get the ball rolling.

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Coffee Bundle Gift Set