We offer a selection of Fair Trade Certified organic coffees in our Tasting Room in Berea, Ohio. These coffees are sourced from cooperatives and have been grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

What does Fair Trade mean?

These coffees are grown by members of a cooperative. Cooperatives are made up of a group of small coffee producers. The members are guaranteed a minimum price to protect them from the volatility of the coffee market.

Once the coffee is sold, most of the proceeds go directly to the coffee producers. A small portion, however, will be used to fund quality and equipment improvements (i.e. depulpers, solar dryers, farm renovations) or for social projects (such as education, clean water projects and health care).

Environmental standards help protect producers, their workers and the planet.

Does Red Cedar Coffee Co. roast any organic coffees?

All our Fair Trade Certified coffees are certified organic. Fair Trade requires producers to take measures to protect natural resources and the environment.

All coffees that are Fair Trade Certified Organic have a green band on the front label in addition to the Fair Trade logo.

Some of the Fair Trade Certified Organic coffees we are enjoying now:

Fair Trade Certified Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango: From the 330-member cooperative, Guaya’b. Members have access to micro-financing in order to help year-round maintenance. Members are training on soil analysis and organic fertilizer production.

Fair Trade Certified Organic Mexican: Through fair trade the cooperative has financed the building of a cupping lab, coffee storage shed and a meeting hall. The cooperative has 663 members and has been certified fair trade since 2001.

Fair Trade Certified Organic Peru: La Florida is a 100-member coffee cooperative in the Chanchamayo region. Through fair trade premiums the cooperative has purchased coffee sorting equipment and additional acreage for coffee drying patios.

Red Cedar Coffee Co. roasts a selection of Fair Trade Certified organic coffees for retail sales in the retail shop in Berea and online.

Fair Trade Certified coffee guarantees livable wages for farmers and their families, improving their opportunities for better healthcare, housing and education.

Fair Trade Certified coffees empowers producers to address challenges such as poverty and follows a set minimum price to protect coffee producers from volatile market prices. Fair trade provides access to finance, agricultural equipment loans and helps fund community development projects. Environmental standards help protect the health of people and the environment.

Fair Trade Certified Organic Peru

Profile: Light bodied, flavorful, elegant

Medium Roast

Fair Trade Certified Organic Mexican

Profile: Light bodied, smooth, chocolate

Medium Roast

Fair Trade Certified Organic Colombian

Profile: Balanced, nutty and chocolate notes

Medium Roast

Fair Trade Certified Organic Sumatran*

Profile: Full bodied, earthy, distinct

Medium Roast

Fair Trade Certified Organic French Roast

Profile: Silky, smooth, light tobacco

Dark Roast

Fair Trade Certified Organic Sumatran Italian Roast

Profile: Rich, spicy, earthy

Dark Roast

*availability subject to change

Additional Fair Trade Certified Organic coffees available throughout the year on a limited basis.