Red Cedar Coffee Co. offers wholesale opportunities for cafes, restaurants and specialty food retailers. We consider our wholesale customers family and we partner with those who want to offer a consistently high quality cup of coffee.

Call us at 440.260.7509 or send us an email if you are interested in Red Cedar Coffee for your business.


We source only 100% specialty coffees. We roast our coffee in small batches by hand after the order has been placed. Since 2008, Red Cedar Coffee Co. has been a Fair Trade Certified licensed roaster partner. We only use Swiss Water Processed Decafs – the only chemical-free way to decaffeinate coffee.


With experience in cafes and retail settings, our staff has deep coffee knowledge. For our wholesale partners we offer staff training and education. We provide marketing support including point of sales materials.


We offer Allied products including syrups and sauces. 


Red Cedar Coffee has membership in several organizations related to specialty coffee. We are member of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and Roaster’s Guild. We have developed relationships at origin for our direct trade coffee.

“The best coffee. Period!”

Scott L.

“Always great coffee!”

Deb B.

“Great coffee. Really love the flavors! Keep growing and brewing.”

JoAnn H.

“Thanks for a great morning cup o’ joe!”

Rick P.

“I have been drinking the Kenyan this week….holy smokes! This roast is perfect and the coffee is just like you described.”

Rob B.

“I am pleased with not only the coffee but with your knowledge and friendly service.”

Annie S.

“Compliments to Red Cedar on producing great tasting, high quality coffee. Red Cedar can’t be beat!”

Lisa R.

“Came all the way from Boston for your coffee! Love it!”

Ellen V.

“I love the coffee beans from Red Cedar. I will never go back to chain coffee again.”

Nancy O.

“You folks really do a nice job with your roasts and flavorings, smooth and not overpowering.”

Rick P.

“Red Cedar coffee makes me glad to get up in the morning!”

Karen G.