We will release our new direct trade micro-lot coffee Costa Rica La Lia Pie San on March 3, 2018, at the Red Cedar Coffee Co. Tasting Room in Berea, Ohio.

Luis Alberto Monge Ureña acquired the farm Pie San in 2012 and this is the highest elevation of the family’s six farms. Luis works closely with his brother Oscar to manage their farms and to process their coffee harvest.

The family owns their micro-mill, La Lia, which means the best care and attention is given to the farm’s crop. The micro-mill specializes in the processed coffee in the manner of “white honey,” or “miel.” Approximately 20% of the coffee cherry fruit remains on the bean prior to sun-drying on patios.

This is our second coffee from Luis Alberto Monge and the La Lia micro-mill.


Region: Santa Rosa, León Cortés, Tarrazú

Micro-mill: La Lia

Farm: Pie San

Altitude: 2000 meters

Process:  White honey, sun-dried

Profile: Smooth, sweet, citrus, nut

This coffee is currently sold out

“What is that?” is a question we often overhear during our coffee tastings when we brew coffee using a Chemex. And for many reasons it is one of our favorite ways to brew coffee.

This brew method is a piece of art that is represented in numerous art museums including the Corning Museum of Glass and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

What is the Chemex?
Invented by chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941, the Chemex combines the beauty of an hour glass with the function of a coffee maker. What makes this piece of art even more impressive is that it brews consistently smooth coffee.

Why do we like the Chemex?
The double bonded Chemex paper filter removes a molecule in coffee oils which creates a clean cup of coffee free from bitterness.

The Chemex does especially well in with washed coffees like our Guatemala Antigua and Costa Rica La Lia Finca Dragon.

We carry the 8-cup (40 ounce) Chemex and coffee filters in our Tasting Room in Berea, Ohio.

Brewing Tip: Use a digital scale when using a Chemex for accuracy.