How the Red Cedar Coffee Rewards program works:

  • Simply identify yourself at the Red Cedar Coffee Co. Tasting Room during your visit. You may be asked to enter your phone number into a keypad.
    • By providing your phone number, we will associate your qualifying purchase with your account, and you will start earning points towards a future reward.
    • Opt in on our online store and provide your phone number to enroll into the program and you will start earning points towards a future reward.
  • Only one reward redemption can be made per visit. Reward redemption cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Our program may from time to time have certain other benefits and/or restrictions that apply.
  • Eligible items: 14 OZ/16 OZ bags of coffee purchased from Red Cedar Coffee Co.
    • One dollar spent on a qualifying purchase equals one point.
      • Example: 1-pound Pirates Brew is $15.25; earns 15 points
    • Spend $200 and receive a reward good on your next visit. (expiration dates apply)
      • Reward value is $15 off a 14 OZ/16 OZ bag of coffee

Track Your Progress

Enter your information on this website.

Offers and Discounts

From time to time we may provide special discounts and/or offers outside of our Red Cedar Coffee Rewards Program offers to certain members who qualify for these benefits.  Offers are not transferable and cannot be combined with rewards or other discounts or offers. Offers have a limited time in which they can be redeemed.  Please check the offer for details and restrictions.  If not specified otherwise all offers expire within 30 days of issuance.


  • No purchase necessary.
  • Points and Rewards are linked to the participant’s name and phone number. Purchases (points and rewards) may not be transferred to another participant.
  • Points are not awarded on gift certificates when purchased (points are issued as the certificate is redeemed on qualifying purchases); sales tax; gratuities; gift sets; corporate and wholesale orders. Only valid on purchases made at the Red Cedar Coffee Co. Tasting Room and at Red Cedar Coffee Co’s online store.
  • We reserve the right to change or discontinue this program at any time without notice.
  • Employees are not eligible for our program.
  • Points expire 18 months after they have been earned. Rewards cannot be redeemed if expired. If a member fails to earn at least 50 points during any 12-month period they may be considered to be inactive and their points may be deemed to be invalid or suspended.
  • Red Cedar Coffee Rewards program replaces the Frequent Buyer Card (paper card system) as of June 30, 2020.

Red Cedar Coffee Rewards FAQ

Does it cost anything to join the Red Cedar Coffee Rewards program?

No, enrollment in the Red Cedar Coffee Rewards program is free.

How do I enroll in the Red Cedar Coffee Rewards program?

  • Online: opt into Red Cedar Coffee Rewards program on the online store to enroll and provide a cell phone number.
  • Tasting Room/Store: Enroll by providing your cell phone number when you checkout at the Tasting Room.

What information do I need to provide to join?

You must provide your first and last name, street address, city, state, ZIP code, phone number, and valid email address.

Will I receive a card?

No, you will not receive a physical card. Our system is computer based.

What items qualify for the Red Cedar Coffee Rewards program?

14OZ and 16OZ bags of coffee purchased directly from Red Cedar Coffee Co.

How are points calculated?

Enrollees earn one point for ever $1 spent on a qualifying purchase.

  • You must “claim” your points at the end of your transaction.

Can I give my points/rewards to a friend or family member?
No, Red Cedar Coffee Rewards points/rewards are not transferable.

Can I share my Red Cedar Coffee Rewards membership with a family member or friend?

No, the Red Cedar Coffee Reward account is individual and non-transferable.

Can Red Cedar Coffee Reward enrollees be combined?

No, Red Cedar Coffee Rewards cards cannot be combined.

Where can I find my points balance?

To check your Red Cedar Coffee Rewards point balance, simply go to this website and enter your phone number. You will receive a code that will allow you to login and see your points.

What can I use my reward on?

Reward are good on a 14 OZ or 16 OZ bags of coffee purchased from Red Cedar Coffee Co. Your reward is available after your have accumulated 200 points.

Do points expire?

Points expire 18 months after they have been earned.

I made a purchase in the Tasting Room and have enrolled in Red Cedar Coffee Rewards. Can I make a purchase online and receive points?

Yes, the Red Cedar Coffee Rewards is linked to the phone number you used to enroll. Provide the same phone number when you make a purchase online, opt in to “claim” your points and the system will update.

What is does it mean to “claim” points?

Claiming points means you want the points added to your Red Cedar Coffee Rewards profile.

  • You must claim your points during your transaction.

What does “redeem” mean?

You may redeem your reward when you have received 200 points. Rewards may be redeemed online and in the Tasting Room.

Rewards may only be redeemed in full ($15).

What happened to the Frequent Buyer Program?

Red Cedar Coffee Rewards replaces the Frequent Buyer Program (paper card system) as of June 30, 2020. The Frequent Buyer Program will be retired at close of business on June 30, 2020.

Organic Honduran Casitas

This is the first Fair Trade Certified organic coffee we have had from the CAFESCOR cooperative in Casitas, Honduras. Grown in western Honduras, this is a heavy-bodied, well balanced medium roast coffee.

The CAFESCOR Cooperative, founded in 2012, is made up of 131 members and harvest generally takes place November-February. The coffee is processed as a fully washed, then the coffee undergoes 12-24 hours fermentation. The coffee is then dried using patio and mechanical drying.

The cooperative promotes social and environmental practices, reducing pollution and conserving water while protecting the region’s biodiversity.

Region: Copan

Subregion: Casitas

Cooperative: CAFESCOR

Number of Cooperative Members: 131

Altitude: 1200-1700 meters

Flavor Profile: chocolate, almond, heavy body

Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic

Organic Honduras Casitas is available for purchase online and for contactless curbside pickup.