Coffee makes an excellent fundraiser

If you are looking for a unique fundraising idea for your school, non-profit, university, PTA, or club, consider a coffee fundraiser.

Coffee is easy to buy and sell. It is estimated that over 60% of Americans drink coffee daily with many enjoying coffee at home.

Our fundraising program highlights:

  • No startup fees
  • Roasted to order specialty coffees
  • A selection of regular, Swiss Water Processed decaf and flavored coffees
  • Option for whole bean or ground coffee
  • Shelf stable product
  • Coffee available at our roastery within 3 weeks of receiving the master order

How to Get Started

  • Download our Fundraising Brochure.
  • Designate one representative as the point person for your fundraising effort
  • Let us know how many participants you have
  • Distribute forms and kick off fundraiser (we recommend 2-3 weeks)
  • Collect all order forms and payments from participants
  • Submit your master order form to Red Cedar Coffee Co.
  • Pay at the time your order is placed and your organization will keep the profits
  • We roast your orders fresh. Orders may be picked up at our roastery (prior scheduling required).

Contact us

Send an email to or call us at 440.260.7509 to schedule your organization’s fundraiser. We will go over your fundraising ideas and help craft a fundraiser for your organization.