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Whether you are looking for impressive gifts, delightful stocking stuffers or coffee to share, we have it all.


  • Costa Rica Finca Dragon. We have been sourcing coffee from Finca Dragon since 2015 under our direct trade program. Finca Dragon is well balanced and smooth.
  • Costa Rica Finca las Torres. This coffee comes from the up-and-coming Chirripó region. Processed as a black honey this coffee is complex with plenty of body.
  • Red Cedar Select. We have been roasting Red Cedar Select since we opened our doors in 2005. Since then, Red Cedar Select has been one of our most popular coffees. We start by carefully roasting the individual coffees to their peak flavor. Afterwards we blend the coffees together to create this rich blend.
  • Jingle Bell Java. The name says it all! What is a holiday season without this coffee? It is our most popular seasonal coffee of caramel, cinnamon and pecan.
  • Holly Jolly Cranberry. Our newest holiday-inspired seasonal coffee. Tart and tangy with a touch of cream. Have a cup of cheer!


  • Holiday Cheer gift set. This gift set is perfect for a hostess or a coworker appreciation gift. It includes 5 single pot packs of our holiday flavored coffee including this year’s new flavor: Holly Jolly Cranberry. Quantities limited.
  • Signature Set. Features a selection of our best selling coffees: Costa Rica Finca Pie San, Red Cedar Select and Organic Mexican. Choose whole bean or ground. Quantities limited.


  • AirScape. Treat your coffee beans well! The AirScape is our go-to storage container for keep your coffee fresh. The lid removes and locks out air to preserve and protect the freshness and flavor. This canister holds one-pound whole bean coffee.
  • Hario Drip Pot. Brews approximately 16 ounces of coffee. The Drip Pot features a reusable cloth filter so you can say good-bye to single use coffee filters.
  • Baratza Encore Grinder. The Encore is the go-to model for grinding coffee at home. Baratza’s brand philosophy is to keep their grinders out of the landfill. They have the best support for troubleshooting and they stand behind their grinders.
  • AeroPress. A coffee brewer that gives you options! Brews espresso-like coffee or an Americano. Easy to clean and is travel-friendly, too.


  • E-cards. Life gets busy! Let your recipient choose if they would like coffee, or an upgraded coffee brewing set up.

Looking for a delicious gift for your corporate customers? Are you looking to send an employee appreciation gift? We have you covered!

We have curated a selection of gift sets that will please your coffee lover. We offer a selection or pre-made business gifts or create your own.


Pick your gift or let us help you find the perfect gift for your recipients! Be that a best seller or custom gift. We can provide a quote to keep you on budget.


Send a gift that reflects your company’s brand. Each gift set will include your personal message in a note card.


The holiday season is hectic! We recommend starting to consider holiday gifts during the fall to give yourself enough time to review your recipient list.


We charge a flat rate of $8.99 per delivery address.

All carries are no longer guaranteeing transit times. We usually ship business orders via USPS within 3-5 business days; however, we have no control over transit times once packages leave our roastery. Ordering early is the best way for recipients to receive gifts on time.

Free order pickup is offered at our retail store. For business gifts we will schedule a date for your pickup.

Contact us

Get started by reaching out at info@redcedarcoffee.com or by phone at (440) 260-7509.

Tips for getting the most out of your coffee.

You have taken the time to select your coffee and now you have brought them home. Now how do you store your coffee?

Here are some helpful tips for storing your coffee so that you get the most out of it.

The original packaging does a pretty good job keeping your coffee beans fresh.
When you purchase coffee from Red Cedar Coffee Co. you will notice a one-way valve on the front of your bag. This valve releases gas from the coffee beans while keeping oxygen out of the bag.

The foil bag protects the coffee beans from moisture and light. It is always best to open one bag of coffee at a time.

Grind your coffee right before you brew.
To maximize the lifetime and flavors of your coffee you will want to grind your coffee right before brewing it. Coffee grinding releases gases and aromas which are important when you brew coffee.

Keep your coffee at room temperature.
Coffee beans can be sensitive to temperature, moisture, and air.

Store your coffee away from spices as coffee can quickly absorb odors. If placed in a cabinet, be sure it is away from the oven.

We suggest keeping your coffee beans at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

While there are various opinions around this topic, we feel that freezing coffee does not help your coffee in the long term. Freezer burn, the potential for packaging to develop micro cracks, condensation and then forgetting it is in the freezer, it is best to keep your coffee at room temperature.

Airtight containers are coffee’s best friend.
The best way to keep your coffee fresh is to remove the air from your storage container. We are fans of the AirScape. The AirScape container has an inner lid with air-valve that forces air out and locks freshness in. The AirScape works great for both whole bean and ground coffee which makes us love it even more.

The gift of great-tasting coffee is always appreciated!

With the holidays approaching, keep us in mind for all your corporate gift needs. We love to create special gifts for your clients, employees, vendors, and even your conference!

Check out our Gift Set Selection.

Corporate gifts from Red Cedar Coffee Co. are available for your company’s events year-round.

Have your gift recipients finalized? Fill out our Gift List spreadsheet with your gift recipient’s information and send it to us to get the ball rolling.

Please give us a call at 440.260.7509 for more information or to place your order.

Coffee Bundle Gift Set